Customer Service


How can I return my order?

Please enclose the completed returns voucher in the return delivery. You can return your order to us within 21 days.

What are the shipping charges?

There is a $ 6.95 shipping charge if your order is under $ 125.
We provide a free delivery on all orders over $ 125.

How will my TAO® order be shipped?

All TAO® packages will be delivered with USPS.

How can I reach TAO®?

It will be our pleasure to advise you in all aspects regarding our products and collections. There are more things you would like to know? Don't hesitate to ask us at any time!



Does TAO® use fibres other than functional fibres as well - e.g. cotton?

No! TAO® exclusively uses fully synthetic functional fibres as only these ensure maximum functionality. As cotton fibres do not have the required features, they are not used.

Does function wear have to be tight-fitting?

To make sure function wear works correctly, it should be close to the skin, so that the sweat can be wicked away as efficiently as possible. However, it is important that the textiles fit snugly and are not constricting.

What does "double-layer" mean?

The double-layered finish of a material means that two different fibre properties are used within the material. Thus, it is possible to process two functional fibres with different properties within the same fabric. Hydrophobic fibres (moisture-repellent) are used on the inside of the textile (in direct contact with your skin). On the outside, hydrophilic fibres (attracting moisture) are processed to wick the moisture and to spread it over a large area.

Will my jacket remain waterproof when I wash it, or will it lose its protection over time?

On principle, TAO® works with material properties, not with material coatings. This means that a laminate processed in our water-proof jackets only ceases to function once it is pierced or fissured. The quality of a material cannot be washed out, contrary to impregnation. Nevertheless, as for the other functional textiles, it is important not to use fabric softeners!

Will I sweat less when wearing functional clothing?

Clear answer: NO! Sweating is an indispensable physiological function which cannot be taken away by clothing. The only thing functional clothing can do for you is to better wick the sweat and to transport it outwards, meaning that the skin remains dry.