Care instructions

Care of the function-wear is straightforward and uncomplicated, provided that a few instructions are taken into account. Each article has been provided with washing instructions which are either located on the inside of the garment or can be read on the label. 

On principle, we recommend that all items be washed in water at 30°C/ 86°F using commercially available mild detergents.

No fabric softener

Please do not use fabric softeners! The ingredients of a fabric softener cause the micro-fibres to gum up. This reduces or even destroys the materials` functionality. Breathability of the material would be impaired, i.e. transport of moisture would no longer be possible and permeability would increase.

No tumble-drying

Please do not put function-wear into the tumble-drier! The high temperatures within a drier also destroys the microfibers.

Avoid ironing, if possible

As ironing generates great heat which would affect the function-wear, the garments should not be ironed at all, if possible, or only at low temperatures.

TAO Suggestion

Washing the garments from time to time using a special sportswear detergent maintains the function of the membrane as well as wind and weather protection. You will thus enjoy wearing your functional clothing for a long time.