ADVANSA Thermo° Cool

ADVANSA Thermo° Cool:

The body's natural thermoregulation capacities are supported by smart fibre technology providing evaporative cooling or heat insulation, as required.

ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ is a unique fibre blend made of hollow fibres and fibres with multilobal cross-section. Compared with other high-performance fabrics tested, ADVANSA Thermo°Cool features 48 % better moisture transport. The unique blend made of hollow fibres and multichannel fibres features 53 % better moisture evaporation.

An innovative high-tech fabric whose new fibre technology offers a perfectly combination of moisture regulation (quicker moisture evaporation, enhanced air circulation) and heat insulation (protecting the body against heat loss).

  • Suitable to wear in warm and cold climates
  • Good moisture transport
  • Maximum wearing comfort
  • Easy-care



Due to the patented outlast technology, the TAO® clothes have an intelligent additional benefit by dynamic and proactive temperature regulations.

That means: The Outlast technology gains heat, stores it, and produces heat where it is needed to give you the ideal comfort temperature.

The outlast technology was originally developed for the NASA to protect astronauts against high temperature fluctuations in space.

It is proven that the Outlast technology is not only able to protects against temperature fluctuations but also to reduce moisture. If the skin overheats, the excess heat will be removed from the body and will be saved - sweat will be reduced. If the skin cools off, the stored heat will be given back.

The benefits:

  • Active temperature regulations
  • Constant heat distribution
  • Less overheating
  • Less cooling off
  • Less transpiration
  • More comfort



High-Tech fabric made of extremely fine microfibres. The fibre tissue in the yarn and in the woven fabric is so fine that moisture and wind have no chance to penetrate from outside whilst the sweat produced can evaporate perfectly via the fine pores.

  • Extremely light-weight
  • Water vapour permeability
  • Heat insulation
  • Breathability

100% Tactel aquator

100% Tactel aquator:

This material consists of a two-ply fabric structure which ensures optimum functionality even at a high degree of physical exertion.

The hydrophobic fibres on the skin side feature a water-repellent core absorbing only minor quantities of moisture (the skin remains dry). The hydrophilic fibres on the outside absorb the moisture and transfer it to the next layer.

  • Odourless
  • Soft and light-weight
  • Easy-care and elastic



Blister-free running! A special fibre component, "Blisterguard friction free", was used for these socks, reducing the friction and thus preventing blisters. The material structure consisting of polyamide fibres provides for neutral odour, softness and excellent wearing comfort, good breathability and a low risk of developing blisters.

  • Reduces blisters
  • Soft
  • Odourless
  • Breathable
  • Elastic



A microfibre fabric enhancing the sweat permeability of textiles. Thanks to the two-ply fabric structure, this polyamide fibre can absorb and transfer considerable quantities of moisture.

  • Robust and tear-resistant
  • Low-weight to provide excellent wearing comfort
  • Easy-care, machine-washable, short drying times